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Carmelle is a Trained Counsellor whose approach combines a variety of holistic disciplines including Hypnotherapy


I work with the wisdom of the body and its natural capacity to heal. By holding that intention we can live more authentically and in harmony whilst setting ourselves free in the process.


From an early age I was acutely aware of the impact shame had around sexuality, both personally and upon society at large. This disconnection between heart and the physical body has a profound effect on the emotional body causing internal conflict and illness.


My journey has been a lifetime discovery of learning the skills to unravel the imprints of my formative years and to integrate these early experiences with awareness for myself and others.


Tantra incorporates all of our shadow, and sexuality is often the biggest part of this. Integration is therefore the path to freedom.


Experiencing the power of our Energy Body


Awareness of my own energetic awakening, sometimes called pranic or kundalini, started to occur as early as childhood. It usually manifests as vibrational waves coursing through the body’s central channel which is intimately linked to the chakra system.


This often happens whilst being in the presence of someone whose energy body is in harmony internally and can occur in sessions as we let go and the body’s energy flows freely.


The differences as I understand in referring to pranic or kundalini are the circuits they flow in – they are often very different processes, although of course both are forms of spontaneous energy. It feels important to mention this as many people can feel very alone when it takes place and when attempting to integrate these energies. Although, of course, every person’s journey and experience is unique to them.


The benefits occur when the energy starts to flow through blocks in our body-held trauma. This can be experienced as tremors, often referred to as kriyas.


My own experience of this process is that healing takes place at a very deep and core level, because when the mind surrenders our body allows its own wisdom to do its magic.


How I work


I am a trained spiritual counsellor and my approach combines a variety of holistic disciplines including hypnotherapy. These are all tools that are often bought into sessions when I feel guided to do so. I work intuitively with the support of a structure to create trust and a bond between us for whatever may come up in the session (to be cleared and expressed). I myself have a strong chi gong practice that keeps me grounded and connected energetically as it is essential I keep working on myself to provide the necessary space for healing.


My training and background


Over a number of years I spent time at Harbin Hot Springs in Northern California on my own personal Tantric journey, where I participated in workshops with renowned teachers Margot Anand and Steve and Lokita Carter of the Institute of Ecstatic Living, a very powerful time at a transformational sanctuary close to my heart. Bernie Prior and Shri Param Eswaram have also been enriching experiences.


Following this I co-created  with my Tantric partner Rachael, which we are both still affiliated with.


In recent years, the birth of my twins (a boy and girl) have created the opportunity for some of my greatest learning. Witnessing the early dance between male and female is a great teacher, as of course is the journey of motherhood itself (with both its challenges and gifts).


My commitment to the study of Tantra and conscious sexuality is an ongoing journey!


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