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Primal Wisdom is our fundamental core, and the spirit of our creation. It is wild, untamed and raw. It’s where we are truly alive.


To regain that connection we must tap into  that part of ourselves that has often been forgotten or repressed it needs permission to express and be heard, given the freedom.In these busy times, family, work, exposure to endless technology it’s easy to lose ourselves in the external.

Our primal Wisdom connection is weakened and needs to breathe and reconnect to be in its power.


Primal Wisdom was created with woman in mind. It stems from my own personal experience directly and indirectly it embodies the rich tapestry of being woman!


In recent times the divine feminine has been stirred by a memory of what it was to live in her full feminine power. Where her intuition was valued and her healing gifts and sexual sorcery were all part of her mystique.


Sacred wisdom in its feminine power.

As women our bodies often hold on to so much in our cellular memory. Issues such as painful menstruation, gynecological problems, and sexual trauma (which may include not allowing ourselves to be touched how we would like to be touched and being unable to communicate this) often appear. These can create holding patterns in the body that prevent us from having fulfilling intimate connections.




Your boundaries are paramount and established before the session and throughout.

Physical contact can include holding the body in cradle like positions focusing on blocks for  releasing with sound and catharsis.

Animal play and spiral release.

Healing and integrating your inner child through parts therapy and healing tools.

Sessions can include massage internal and external and trauma release points.



Mothers reconnecting to themselves

Women hold  a lot of energy in the sex centers, sacrum and pelvis area.

Most of us have had some unhealthy relationships with sex in the past which can be dis-empowering and manifest as stored memories in our cells resulting in blocks in our physical body.

Those who have experienced sexual trauma and abuse.

Sessions are tailor made for you as an individual.




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