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Individual Sessions


Individual Tantric sessions begin by creating a sacred space and sharing anything you wish to communicate before our session.


We connect with some beautiful tantric rituals before discussing personal boundaries and any fears or expectations you might have. The sharing of any issues creates intimacy and helps to eliminate any unnecessary fears.


Tantric massage is a full body massage. In Tantra everything is viewed as whole and spiritual, which is why this is a full body massage. We work with the sexual energy, expanding it through breath work. Traditional breaths are used but often our own spontaneous process takes over allowing energetic releases to happen and ecstatic bliss to flow. In Tantra we always bring everything back to the breath allowing us to keep centred and moving us into a profound deep state of relaxation.

Tantra massage allows our self to be the receiver in totality, surrendering to anything that might arise – then it becomes an authentic embrace with sexual energy, but this can only take place when we give ourselves over fully to the process.


Individual sessions are for both men and woman wanting to explore the intimate connection with oneself whilst being held in a safe loving space. Tantric massage is a way into the energy body that can work on a deep level to release trauma and help us connect to our deepest essence.


Tantric massage is not a sexual service, it is the innocence before any expectation arises.



Couples Sessions


Loving deeply and allowing yourself to be vulnerable with another can be a scary and challenging space to enter, even when you are both committed to loving in truth. Giving each other the space to grow on our individual paths as well as in unity is indeed a commitment to opening to love and trust. Making conscious time and having guidance and support can really help support this process.


Providing the space to reconnect as a couple can be such a challenge but so important to keeping your relationship connected and nourished.


Whether it’s a new relationship that you wish to become deeper or a relationship that needs to be refreshed, Tantric Wisdom will help you connect to that which needs to be expressed in a safe way through guidance and with real sensitivity.


Sessions offered for couples


Heart Wisdom


This session includes conscious communication and connecting with sacred touch. Tantric rituals and play connect to your eternal child’s curiosity and open heart. I work with you to understand what you would like to explore and work on in your relationship in present time.


Lovers’ gift


This session is a beautiful nurturing sensual session in which Rachael joins us and we massage you individually in unison. It is deeply sensual and involves connecting with a more pampering emphasis. It works even more beautifully by including an overnight stay (making it a mini couples retreat) and allowing yourself to melt into one another after the session in a sacred space.

I offer Skype/phone sessions for Primal Wisdom work and inner journey work, tantric guidance and communication and carthartic release.


Skype sessions also work well for follow up support sessions post visit, or if you would feel more comfortable easing into your first experience this way.


Soul plan reading also available by Skype. 


Go to for further guidance about what to expect from a reading.

Individual and Couples Sessions

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